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For some reason, this bathroom sash had no window stops. When the last sash cord broke, the window tumbled out of the frame, shattering the glass when it hit the floor. It was stored in the basement for a number of years. The sash was restored, new window stops, matching the 100 year old style were purchased and installed. 5 photos in the slideshow.
A pair of casement sashes surround a fireplace in this beautiful NE Portland home. It was impossible to close the sashes completely, each one open about 1/2". The hardware was clunky and unattractive. Careful and patient adjustments yielded proper operation of the sashes. The old and failing metal weatherstripping was replaced with silicon tubeseal. New hardware added for a stunning finish. 7 photos in the slideshow.
A hundred years of weather extremes and neglect left this sill crying for much needed TLC. Once the paint was removed, cracks in the sill and some missing wood was revealed. The wood, however, was still in excellent shape. The cracks were filled with epoxy, sanded smooth, primed and painted. 7 photos in the slideshow.
In this project, we fixed a sash and installed new sash cords. The meeting rail had come apart from the stile. The rail had separated from the glass by about an inch. Lots of cold air was able to enter the room. Both sash cords were broken. This window frame has no weight pocket doors, so it was necessary to remove the moulding to access the weights. 5 photos in the slideshow.
The sill of this window casement had fallen about 3/8". To get underneath the sill and insert wedges, the apron moulding needed to be removed. Two wedges were cut at the same slope as the sill, bringing the sill up snug. 5 photos in the slideshow.
These finger lifts no longer looked pleasing being so heavily painted. I always enjoy the opportunity to remove the layers of paint to reveal the beauty hidden underneath. 4 photos in the slideshow.