“When you left after the day you completed the first window, I just kept going in there and lifting it and closing it -- almost 20 years in my house and most of the windows have never worked that well! I could move the window with just one fingerl! Now I can get rid of that collection of sticks I have been using to prop up my windows for years.”

Easily open your windows in the Summer!

Are your sash cords broken or been cut? Do you have to prop your window open with a stick or can (which can be a safety issue)? You desire to open your windows to allow the fresh outdoor air into your home ~ especially to cool off your home in the evenings during these hot summer days.

Sash Cords

how to tie round knot for window sash how to tie round knot for window sash how to tie round knot for window sash how to tie round knot for window sash how to tie round knot for window sash
installing new sash cord new sash cord in the window stile Replace the sash cords. This requires removing one or both window stops in order to remove the lower sash. Removing the parting bead (the vertical strip of wood between the upper and lower sash) to remove the upper sash. Opening the weight pocket or carefully removing the trim to access the weights. Once these steps are complete, new sash cord is fed through the pulley and down to the weights. I use a figure eight knot to tie to the weight. A round knot is used to hold the sash. A nail secures the cord to the sash. tying a bowline for the sash weight

Sash Cord Pulleys

inoperable sash cord pulley covered in paint sash cord pulley installed Sash cord pulleys need to be in good condition to work properly. Sometimes, the sash cord pulleys are painted. The paint needs to be completely removed and the pulley needs to turn freely. These photos show a pulley that was convered with at least 4 coats of paint. The pulley was inoperable. The paint was removed, then painted with flat black and paint removed from pulley reinstalled with brass wood screws for a sharp look. If a pulley is beyond repair, Well Hung Windows will search out a replacement.