“Thanks for treating my windows so well, as well as being possibly the tidiest contractor I've ever had come and do work on my house. I expected much more dust and dirt to have to clean up -- that was a nice surprise.”

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Repair your sashes

Some sashes become damaged for many reasons. They can almost always be repaired.

Sash showing how nails damage wood. This large hole was caused by a rotting sash pin. The nail was likely driven into the sash to stabalize it. The nail was not meant for exterior use and began to slowly decay, taking much of the surrounding wood with it. This is a simple repair. The nail, just a tiny pin at this point, was removed and the hole cleaned out. It was then filled with epoxy. Below are sash pins in various states of rot and more damamge.
mare damage rotting sash pins

Repairing a broken tenon

lots of missing wood The tenon is completely missing, along with wood at the bottom of the stile. To repair the bottom rail, I 1st had to remove the rail from the rest of the frame. I then made a router cut about 2 inches deep into the rail. I glued several walnut 3/8" square strips together and packed epoxy into the slot. Epoxy was used to replace the missing and damaged wood of the stile. Repaired tenon and wood. Click a photo to see a slideshow of the process.