“Thank you for fixing the windows in my office. It's a delight to have them open so smoothly. It's also a delight that I don't have to jam rags around the edges to keep out the drafts, since you so skillfully weatherized them! My curtains don't flutter anymore ~ my office is much warmer and pleasant to work in.” A. Devi, SE Portland

Keep your home warmer this winter!

upper sash ready for weather stripping Air infiltration causes drafts in our old homes. Our heating bills soar as we pull on another sweater. The key to solving this issue is proper weather stripping of the sashes. Well Hung Windows uses products with superior performance and durability. Seals stay flexible in low temperatures, survive long-term sunlight exposure, and withstand repeated flexing.

The photo to the left shows a sash that is well over 100 years old. This is a view of the top rail of the upper sash.

bulbseal weatherstripping applied to sash A specially sized router bit is used to cut a channel in the rail. The silicone bulbseal is then inserted into the channel. The bulbseal is available in two sizes and several colors. The bulbseal will compress snugly against the upper frame preventing cold air from leaking into the warm home.
securing bulbseal weatherstripping The roller tool insures proper installation.
leafseal weather stripping along sash stile The exterior sides of the rails are fitted with leafseals. Many options and colors are available. In some cases, leafseal is installed on the edge of the sash.
bulbseal and leafseal on upper sash The weatherization products shown on this page all come from Conservation Technology, based in Baltimore, MD., dedicated to manufacturing and distributing green product solutions.
leafseal on meeting rail and stile The photo to the left shows the exterior upper portion of the lower sash. The horizontal leafseal is embedded in the meeting rail (where the upper and lower sashes meet).
bulbseal sash weatherization and finger lift The intent of this photo is to show the bulbseal on the bottom of the lower sash. The finger lift is so cool, i just had to work it into the shot.